Monday, February 18, 2008

Where were YOU at 3am on Sunday morning???

Probably asleep in bed, right? Well David and I were stuck in SF trying to get home to the East Bay! After a fun night of dancing and socializing at the Skills Love party, we attempted to get back to the Bay Bridge around 2:45am. But all of downtown SF was gridlock traffic, we were detoured about 3 times without really knowing why, and still didn't get an answer after talking to a STOOPID cop attempting to direct traffic. After about 30 frustrating minutes of wondering if the Bay Bridge was even open, we decided we'd be better off just taking 101 South back to the 92/San Mateo Bridge. Even if it was the longer route, at least we were moving! It was a long night.......and didn't get to bed until almost 5am!

"Are we home yet???"


Random vodka bottle in the gotta pee somewhere while stuck in traffic, right?

Smile David!


karen said...

I know the pain....that happened to me a few Wednesdays ago - it took me two hours to just give up and finally go Golden Gate to the Richmond bridge and back over to Oakland! It was a nightmare of chaos!!!! I am glad you and David finally got home safe and sound ;-)

Haydee said...

OH god. I think it's just regular going home from a night out traffic. That's happened to me before too.

my what big eyes you have....:p