Sunday, February 10, 2008

A sunny Saturday w/Family :)

We had a great day visiting with my family on Saturday for dad's 58th Birthday. We met up with my parents, Leah & Hayden, and my aunt Claudia & uncle Thayne for a nice afternoon meal in Redwood City near Leah's new apartment. I feel so blessed to have such a fabulous family - I love you all! The day ended with a gorgeous sunset as we relaxed at our beach-front apartment back in Alameda. :)


Karen said...

HI Sarah....oh my gosh what an amazing sunset photo - I love it!!!! And it was fun to see phtotos of your parents - I think the last time I saw them was at your wedding!!!! Please say hello to all for me ;-)

Lukasz said...

I missed a lovely family day!! Those are some beautiful photos! Can you send me The high res photos? I would love to upload them to Flickr. You know... I could give you guys the Username and Password and you can store all of your photos on there as well. Its a great place to keep your data base of photos incase anything happens with your computers. ANY who... Next time David will have to go snowboarding with me and you guys can do a girls day! Love ya guys!


p.s. my blog is at ;)

Vicente Ele said...

All of you are so nice!

I was passing by when I found your blog.

I'm spanish, but I speak English and also French, so I can understand what you write.

Greetings from Spain!

(You can find an "English translation" of my blog in it if you want to visit me)


Haydee said...

sweet photos. Your uncle looks like Donald Sutherland.

Go Blue said...

That looked like a fun day. The baby is so cute.