Friday, November 30, 2012

Pinterest & Career Exploration!

Ok, I'm a total Pinterest addict. Is it just me or do minutes, HOURS just seem to go by browsing yummy recipes, beautiful pictures of architecture and distant lands, cute outfits, and fun crafty ideas?! It's totally addicting!

But here's a new thought - why not use Pinterest for professional growth and career exploration as well! Many college/university Career Centers are now creating Pinterest pages for a variety of reasons - check out ours at UC Berkeley!

I've even started a Career Counseling & Career Development board on my own page that I am adding career related images to - everything from pictures of professional interview attire, to career development process diagrams, to inspirational quotes.

I'd also like to share two helpful articles about this topic, both which highlight wonderful ways to use Pinterest for your own career.

My NCDA colleague Vera Chapman wrote this fantastic article in our recent issue of Career Convergence titled, "Using Pinterest to Make Career Development Learning Interesting to College Students". It's fantastic!

And just this morning I received a newsletter in my inbox from Green Career Central, which included an article about titled Tip of the Week: Want to Discover What You Love? Try a Pinterest Field Trip
Definitely worth reading!

Now we can all breath a sign of relief and feel less guilty about procrastinating on Pinterest or logging-in at work - because's helping your career! :)

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