Monday, October 10, 2011

2nd Birthday FUN!

What a fun-filled, wild day we had yesterday celebrating Z's milestone of turning 2 - I still can't believe the last two years flew by so fast! It was a lovely day filled with family, two of our best-est friends, fun presents, balloons, BBQ hotdogs, lots of laughter, and a Thomas the Train cake which was super yum (thanks Michael!) Although Zoey probably won't remember her 2nd birthday party, at least we'll have some wonderful pictures to capture the day, and David and I will both have these memories in our minds and hearts forever. : ) Happy Birthday Z - we love you!


Torrey said...

Happy birthday Z!!!! What an amazingly fun little family gathering. Hayden is looking so grown up!

Glad your 2nd bday was a blast. :)

kristen said...

wow, that is the best birthday hat ever!!!