Saturday, August 20, 2011

Jury Duty & Lake Merritt

Aerial Shot of Oakland and Lake Merritt

I love Lake Merritt (as I've mentioned before) - not only is it an amazing place for a relaxing jog or walk, but it's such a beautiful sanctuary within the middle of urban chaos. Not to mention the wonderful bird watching AND people watching that can take place around the Lake everyday of the week. After FINALLY getting out of jury duty in downtown Oakland last Wednesday (long story - it was a double murder trial but I'm off the hook!), I definitely needed a way to release some built up tension....and a 3.4 mile jog around the Lake was the perfect outlet. : )

The Rene C. Davidson Courthouse of Alameda County

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Karen said...

Ahh, makes me miss Oakland...walking the Lake was one of my favorite things! Thanks for posting ;-) and hope you are doing well!!!