Sunday, July 3, 2011

Austin, TX!

After the NCDA Conference in San Antonio, David and I drove up to Austin for the weekend - and we LOVE it! Austin is so diverse, liberal, friendly, eclectic, funky, and FUN! Reminds me of a mix between San Francisco and Portland in culture, but HOT HOT HOT in weather! But the warm summer evenings draw out thousands of people who walk the streets eating, laughing, drinking, socializing, shopping, and listening to live music - I've never seen a city with so much live music happening at the same time; almost every other bar/restaurant had a live performer last night when we were out (and many places don't even have a cover!)

Austin is also a bit weird, funky, and unique very much like San Francisco. If it wasn't so hot here in the summer, I might even consider relocating here someday! But then again I was born a California girl.....and the Bay has my heart forever. : )

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