Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Things in my world....

....are very busy these days, but equally happy and full of love, goofy children's songs, beginning baby sign (Z knows "more", "food", and "milk" so far!), and lots of belly-laughter brought on by silly games, rambunctious tickling, and funny face-making. : )

Being a working mom of a toddler isn't easy, but it's also extremely fun and energetic - no boring moments in our life with 4 cats and a Zoey running around! : )

(This picture was taken at Hayden's 3rd Birthday a couple months ago - but it totally expresses the current energy that Zoey brings into our lives!)


Anonymous said...

DH and I have been doing sign language for babies as well for the last month. How long did it take before you started seeing a response?

Torrey said...

I love this pic of you two!